Honza Bláha

Honza Bláha was born in small village in the Czech Republic. He had always been fascinated by horses. Theirs personality was for Honza closer, then personality of most of the people. At the age of nine he got the chance to learn riding.A long time has passed since then, when Honza bought his first own horse, Gaston.

The unbelievable story have began, Gaston changed not only Honza 's life, but also lives of many people around horses all over the world. Honza and Gaston opened new capture of riding and relationship between horse and man.

With Gaston he developed groundwork and riding without any rains, lead rope or even sticks. He found out trustworthy liberty without escaping the horses. Theirs work was remarkable by one thing, which most of the people do not understand...


"How it is possible, that the horse never leave you?"


Honza studied from many people and cooperate with world wide know  names. Did tours and shows across all world. Equitana, Show Jumping Amsterdam, USA Horse Tour… 

Honza and Gaston create theirs own way. They were the first one, who discover how to teach horse to be collected without using any ropes or strings. This give Honza`s style name Line Free. This development can be done up to piaffe, passage, flying lead changes as well as pirouette... using entirely no strings. He reached international cross country jumps course with completely free horse, also without sticks.


"But any dressage manoeuvre, show or jump has never been so important as the horse’s desire to be with me.."


These discoveries has affected Honza´s approach to the training of horses and people for all over the world and it's base for new style of training LineFreeCollection.


"Every knowledge is only the beginning of many other knowledge"