It is a way of life


Dance in beautiful harmony with your horse!  Ride without reins, ropes, halter, neck rope or cordeo, or have your horse stick by your side completely free of any lines.

In Line Free Collection, Honza will show you how to teach your horse high-level movements, with lightness, roundness and balance - all derived from a deep and powerful relationship.

“No dressage movement, no high jump nor show performance has ever been so important as the horse’s desire to be with me.”


Honza Bláha & Gaston

"Every bit of knowledge gained, is merely the next step on the path to more knowledge "

Learn to listen to your horse. Honza will show you how to teach horses with lightness, roundness and balance.

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Honza can change your life with horses. He has helped thousands of students shake off their worries and frustrations, and achieve goals to any level.

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