GDPR - Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the following applies:

The company "we" means LFC Academy s.r.o., ID-09573917, with registered office in Libotyně 5, 384 81 Radhostice, Czech Republic, registered in the trade register: C 30328, led with the district court in České Budějovice email:, phone +420 723 984 224.

We may change or supplement this Privacy Policy. We will notify you of such changes in the form of updates on our website at least 30 days prior to the changes taking effect.

This policy describes how we handle personal data of physical persons whilecomplying with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, the General Data Protection Regulation, also known as the GDPR (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”).

What personal data do we process and why?

Registration for the app

By registering for the application, you provide us with the following personal data:

·        First and last name

·      E-mail address

·      Phone

·      Address


We use this personal information solely for the purpose of registering for an event we plan to attend and to purchase access to educational videos. Without this information we would not be able to log you in or place an order. We do not share personal information with third parties or use it for any other purpose. We will retain personal information for a maximum of 10 years or until you request its deletion...

If you would like to take part in one of our planned events, we still need confirmation whether the participant is over 18 years of age at the time of the event or not. This information is important to us because we have to adapt the course of the event accordingly.

Further processing

If you cooperate with us, sooner or later we will process your personal data, also outside the website. This information is used for invoicing, website production or any other business cooperation we agree upon. We never pass this information on to third parties or use it for advertising purposes. We store the data for the duration of the cooperation and for another 10 years after the end of the cooperation, in case of possible further cooperation, so that we could continue any further work where we left off. We can delete it at any time at your request. We may process some personal data for a longer period if we are required to do so by another obligation or law.


The processing of cookies contributes to the better functioning of the website. Without these cookies we would not be able to register and log you in.

The processors

We cannot provide all services on our own, so we use the services of other companies that are in the role of processors of your personal data.

Only those processors who have given us sufficient guarantees that they will process personal data in accordance with the same principles that govern us in the European Union will support us in the provision of services. On request (by e-mail to the we will provide you with detailed information about the processors. 

Assistance in the processing of personal data and the rights of the data subject

If you believe that we process your personal data in violation of the protection of your private life or privacy or in violation of the law, in particular if the personal data is incorrect with regard to the purpose of its processing, you may:

·         Request a statement by e-mail to

·         Object to the processing for the purpose of the legitimate interest by e-mail to the address

·         By e-mail to request information about the extent or manner in which your personal data is processed, and we will provide      you with this information within a reasonable period (up to 30 days).  

·         We require the deletion of all personal data that we process about you.

·         Require the provision of all personal data that we process about you.

·         You also have the right to contact the Office for the Protection of Personal Data (Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů) ( directly for            data protection issues.

Other provisions on the protection of personal data

We do not process personal data of children or special categories of personal data, so-called sensitive personal data, within the meaning of Article 9 GDPR.

We always strive to avoid unauthorized processing of personal data by third parties, but we are not liable to the user or other data subjects for damages caused by the unauthorized processing of personal data by third parties.

When processing personal data, we take care to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data. Our systems use state-of-the-art security algorithms and are regularly backed up, but if we detect a security risk associated with personal data, we will notify you immediately by email.

We undertake to provide the user with assistance and legal assistance in recovering compensation from the responsible processors in the event of leaks of personal data or any other fact that results in injury. However, the company itself is not responsible for the misconduct of its authorised processors.

Personal data is processed in electronic form in a non-automated form. Anonymised personal data can also be processed automatically. Affected persons are not subject to an automated individual decision within the meaning of Article 22 GDPR.

Final provisions

All private-law relationships arising out of or in connection with the processing of personal data are subject to the legal order of the Czech Republic, regardless of where access to them has taken place. Czech courts have jurisdiction to settle disputes arising in connection with the protection of privacy between the user and the company and apply ingesular to Czech law.

This Privacy Policy will enter into force on 01/10/2020.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text documents that are created by a website and are stored on the devices of users and visitors of the through a browser. These files are sent back to the servers when you return to a Web page using a browser. With the help of cookies, the website contains information about previous user activities. The information contained in the cookies is anonymous and does not contain any sensitive data that could lead to the identification of a person. Cookies are used by most websites.

How to split cookies?
·         Cookies are divided according to the period for which they are stored in the long term and at short notice. In addition, depending on the party that uses cookies, cookies are stored by the website itself (first-page cookies) and third-party cookies used for third-party applications and services.
·         Short-term cookies will be deleted from your browser after you close it. Long-term stored are stored in your browser. They will not be deleted until after a certain period of time, depending on your browser settings.
·         Cookies of the first page, are created and stored solely by the web and may be necessary for thefunof the given page or its parts. They are connected to the specific domain of the web operator. They are both short-term and long-term. Third-party cookies are linked to the third-party websites. It is a functional device that is usually used for target advertising. 

What cookies do we use

We may store some or all of the cookies described below in your browser. You can view and manage cookies stored in your browser (mobile browsers may not offer this option).  

·         Technical cookies – these are short-term cookies created by us and used for the proper functioning of the website elements.

How to disable or restrict the use of cookies

You can use your browser to manage your cookies. You always have the option to delete cookies that have already been saved. In addition, depending on the browser, it is possible to restrict the use of cookies for a particular website, to restrict their storage or to set the forced deletion of all cookies after closing the browser.

More information about individual browsers can be found here:

·         Google Chrome

·         Mozilla Firefox

·         Microsoft Edge

·         Safari

·         Opera

Text of the Cookie Policy of  01. 10. 2020.