Honza Bláha

Honza Bláha was born in a small village in the Czech Republic. He was always fascinated by horses, even moreso than people! At the age of nine, he began to take riding lessons. Years later, Honza bought his first horse, Gaston.

And so the amazing story began, Gaston changed not only Honza's life, but also the lives of many people around horses all over the world. Honza and Gaston opened a new chapter of riding and relationship between horse and man.

With Gaston he developed groundwork and riding without the use of any reins, lead ropes or even sticks. He found trust in LineFree, without need to escape or run away.  Most people cannot even imagine such a connection, and ask...

"How it is possible, that the horse never leaves you?”


Honza studied the work of many famous horsemen, many of them who he met doing tours and shows all over the world: Equitana, Show Jumping Amsterdam, USA Horse Tour… 

Honza and Gaston were trailblazers. Together they discovered how to teach collection without using any ropes, reins or strings around the neck. This gave birth to the name “Line Free” for Honza`s style. This development can be done up to piaffe, passage, flying lead changes as well as pirouette... using entirely no strings. Honza and Gaston successfully negotiated an entire international cross-country jump course, completely free of any lines or even sticks.


“No dressage movement, no high jump nor show performance has ever been as important as the horse’s desire to be with me.”


These discoveries have affected Honza´s approach to horses and horse people all over the world, and is the basis for a new style of training: Line Free Collection.


“Every bit of knowledge gained, is merely the next step on the path to more knowledge.”