Terms and conditions

Honza teaches in English or in Czech. Check the language of the event you signing in. However sometimes i tis possible to have a friend who can translate for you. Translators, helpers and grooms are not excluded from paying spectators fee.

Cancellation of participation of the event

You can of course cancel your participations of the event. Your cancelations has to be notified in writing – E-mail or post or you can use the cancel button in your "User profile - My courses applications"  . The cancellation fees are determined by the date of sending of your cancellation.

If you submit your cancellation:

-          180 – 91 days before the event starts, the cancellation fee is 25 % of the price of the event.

-          90 – 0 days before the event starts, the cancellation fee is 100 % of the price of the event


We recommend that you use a safety vest and wear a helmet.Please note that riding without reins and working on the ground, especially without a rope, is always risky. Please be careful and respect the other horses and people around you. You are responsible for yourself and your horse. If you feel or think that something is not safe for yourself or others, you should not do it, but ask for help. To get help is the reason, why you take lessons anyway.

Bringing a dog to the class is always a risk, consider to leave your dog home. Some locations even do not allow dogs, so check the description of the event. If you anyway decide to bring a dog you are responsible for the dog (barking, attacking). Dogs have to be always on the leash.

Normally stallions and kids with horses are not allowed in the lesson. But you can speak to your organizer about finding a solutions.

Transportation and accommodations

Honza is not responsible for the transportation of you and your horse to or from the event. Also the stable and accommodation is the responsibility of the facility.