It is a way of life

Find harmony with your horse like dancing!Ride a horse without rope, halter, neckerchief..., or keep your horse next to you completely free!

In this style you will understand how to teach your horse the high-level maneuver due to deep relationship, and moreover everything with lightness, roundness and balance.

"But any dressage manoeuvre, show or jump has never been so important as the horse’s desire to be with me."

Honza Bláha & Gaston

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"Every knowledge is only the beginning of many other knowledge "

Learn to listen to your horse. We will show you, that it is possible to bring new things to horses with lightness, roundness and balance.

Have you become aware of it?

Honza could change your and your horse's life. He helps thousands of students with theirs worries, frustrations or high-level goals. Don't you choose the workshop in calendar? Doesn't matter. We are looking for new oraniser for long-term cooperation. Contact us!

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