Study Plan  2022


After many years, Honza has filmed the exact process that he uses to achieve results with horses. He has created a comprehensive program with exercises that help lead you to the true art of working with horses. You finally have the opportunity to study these steps in detail. Created not only for new students, even advanced students will appreciate the complex system designed to support them between courses.  

Distance is no longer a limitation. Even those who cannot make it to a personal training session now have the opportunity to study the art of Honza Bláha’s work with horses.

All Line Free Academy members will have the opportunity to consult with Honza privately through an online video meeting between courses.  

The first video meeting was on 18.12.2021 at 13:00, next one comming soon.

Next clinics

“No dressage movement, no high jump nor show performance has ever been so important as the horse’s desire to be with me.”


Honza Bláha & Gaston

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Honza can change your life with horses. He has helped thousands of students shake off their worries and frustrations, and achieve goals to any level.

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